A Summary of My Work: The Facts

There are many times in my life where I had forgotten all about “Willy Schultz,” “The Iron Corporal” and Charlton Comics (though never about Sam Glanzman) and I am amazed (and greatly appreciate) that there is still an interest in my writing. I was a teenager medically ineligible for military service or able to engage in anti-war activity, so I guess writing about the horrors and tragedies of war was my way of protesting an unjust war.

My work includes:

Premiere Vol. 1 #19, July 1967 “The Sniper” – A horrid little propaganda piece to please Dick Giordano (bless him) who liked it well enough to put on the cover.

D-DAY #5 – The entire book (I even got a bonus for that one)

FIGHTIN’ ARMY #’s 76-92 “The Lonely War of Willy Schultz”; #84 also had “The Kewpie Dolls”. #88 also had “Hidden Killers”, drawn by Sam Glanzman.

Note: #88′s “Willy Schultz” original script was very controversial and editor Sal Gentile had sections of the last 3 pages re-written in true propaganda fashion by Joe Gill. I didn’t find out until I received the advance copy in the mail. A real disappointment for me as it introduced a whole new chapter with new characters!

FIGHTIN’ ARMY #104 “Conflict on a Hill with No Name”

FIGHTIN’ ARMY #107 “Act of Mercy”

FIGHTIN’ ARMY #110 “Panzerjager”

ARMY WAR HEROES #’s 22-28 “The Iron Corporal”

In addition to “The Iron Corporal”, ARMY WAR HEROES #31 also had “72 Tons of Steel”, (originally titled “The Reward or 72 Tons of Terror” but the word “Terror” could not be used on a cover). The incident with the Tiger Royale was based on an actual war-time experience of a neighbor. #32 also included “Huertgen Minefield” which I scripted and penciled and was inked by Sam Glanzman; the 2-page “Course in Murder” in the same issue was written by Joe Gill, penciled by me and inked by Sam.

WAR HEROES, “The Devil’s Brigade” – A blessedly short-lived series about tank warfare in North Africa ending in a few issues of FIGHTIN’ ARMY after the  WAR HEROES title was discontinued by Charleton.

ATTACK #7 “End Run U-575″

ATTACK #8 “The Organist and the SS”

FIGHTIN’ MARINES – I had done two one shot stories for FIGHTIN’ MARINES an drew the thumbnail pencil layouts for Sam’s inks on one of Joe Gill’s “Shotgun Harker and the Chicken” Stories.

DC’s WEIRD WAR TALES #5 ”Slave” – Drawn by Russ Heath.

Canadian Roger Broughton contacted Sam & Me in 1990 and wanted to publish the complete “Willy Shultz” as a graphic novel. I completed the series, taking care of all the Charlton typos, censorship and carelessness (in all fairness,  those titles were the responsibility of a single overworked editor and it’s to their credit that they did as well as they did!). Sam said he wasn’t sure he could do it “justice” (a real and touching compliment!) but Roger apparently had no money to see the project through.

Kirk Sivertsen had published “The Eagle”, written in a day while recovering from foot reconstruction in 2002 as well as some of my 9/11 writings on his comicbookstories.com site, which no longer exists.

There are other completed comic-style scripts, but no money to get them drawn. “The Mailed Fist”, a long time current project, has grown by geometric proportions into a novel that I am always trying to find the time and energy to complete.


4 thoughts on “A Summary of My Work: The Facts

  1. Mr. Franz, I think you have one omission and two errors. The GCD has you writing “The Trek of the Third Platoon” in Fightin’ Marines #84; I think you mean to say you wrote Iron Corporal in Army War Heroes #22-38, not 28; and “A Course in Murder” was in Army War Heroes #36, not 32.

    • William Franz

      I will take your word for it. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond but life has not been uneventful. Thanks so much for your interest, Jim.

  2. Is this the same Will Franz from Humboldt St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

    • William Franz

      Yes, that’s me, although I’m not there anymore. Is this the same Paul Allen from The League of Renaissance Swordsmen?

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